Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer Bag and This and That

Working on a list of items that need to be in my handbag for the summer.  With the little guy with me all the time it needs to be a pretty roomy bag.  I usually end up carrying around quite a few Bakugans, Bakugan cards, the current Happy Meal toy and Johnny's Itouch.  That alone is enough to fill a small hand bag.

When I finish my list I will post it, this will for sure be a way for me to find it exactly one year for now.  And of course it will be interesting to see what the little guy has me carting around for him a year from now.

I did 3 miles on the treadmill and my legs really felt it about half-way through my day.  Pretty proud of that one... but of course I made a chocolate lava cake for dessert so that pretty much zapped out any extra calories burned for the day.

The picture above is me before children and responsibilities.  I like looking at these pictures to remind me that there was a me before wife and mommy.  She was a pretty carefree and happy girl.  And I reckon she liked flowers as well.

Peace and popcorn,

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  1. Pam, Love that childhood picture of yours. you were (and are) such a cutie. I remember when I first met you I thought you look so much like Judy Garland!
    Wow, 3 miles! I wish I could say I walked that many miles in the park but oh well... There is always tomorrow right? :)
    Will we see you next Tuesday?