Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Summer Time Every Day Bag

Purseket Purse Organizer Lime Dot Medium

This is everything that is going into my summer bag.

Reading glasses
Lip balm (Dr. Pepper)
Eyeglass cleaner
Pill Box
Antibiotic cream
Dental Floss Sticks
2 Shout Wipes (for cloth clean-up emergencies)
2 or more Pre-moistened Wipes
Cell Phone
I-Pod –I Touch (still waiting for Verizon to come around and simplify my life)
Earbuds to keep Itouch quiet for long waits in restaurants. (These are for the little guy)
Travel size sun block
Compact camera
Personal Items in zipped bag or utilize a hidden compartment in handbag.
Small zipped bag containing index cards, 8 pack crayons, 2 small toys (Bakugans with ability cards) and one Kashi granola bar.

It would have been impossible to find anything in my handbag without this tool.  The Purseket was suggest by a fellow flygal in our local Flylady group.  I just love it!

And there she is, my huge handbag totally organized!  I am a happy mommy!
p.s. this is a pretty good sized handbag so I purchased the large Purseket.  I believe most handbags would use the medium size unless you carry a pretty tiny purse. lol  

I purchased a medium and large and am happy with both.

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