Friday, May 21, 2010

The 5- Minute Face by Carmindy

Carmindy- Five Minute Face

The 5-Minute Face: The Quick & Easy Makeup Guide for Every Woman

In taking time for myself or rather finding time for myself I discovered through a web search this nifty book.  Although you can learn the tips watching the video on Carmindy's website the book is wonderful.
It has a listing in the back of high priced and affordable makeup selections.

I was up late last night at CVS buying a few of the items listed after zipping over to the local bookstore to purchase the book.

This morning I followed the directions and it worked!  5 minutes and I look rested ( even after staying up to read my current novel ) and refreshed.  You can buy the book on Amazon for around 7 bucks and there is a 2 dollar coupon inside for the Sally Hensen line she helped to develop.  So now my morning has shimmied down from 10 minutes of face stuff to 5 minutes!  These five minutes are going toward a little big of strength training.  Which is 5 more minutes than I have actually been doing since the little guy started Kindergarten.

Yeah!  I am really happy.

: )

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