Monday, June 7, 2010

Magic Monday

Its the start of a new week.  I have been working on straightening and decluttering my closet 15 minutes at a time for about a week now.  I am almost at the finish line.  The poor thing was a train wreck like most of my house because I started working from home.  I am slowly but surely adjusting.  My answer to keeping up with it all.... less is more and my time is worth more than a bunch of stuff I no longer love or need.

I know!  It is truly shameful.  If you knew me, you would know this kind of clutter just makes my tummy hurt.  But I have really made progress!

Donations!  I hope someone can love these things! I sure did at one time.

I truly hope to finish by this afternoon.  
Will reward myself with some nice fresh hanging cedar planks! 
 I love the smell of cedar.

peace and popcorn,

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